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HY-696 HY-696-1

Electric Nasal Irrigator


HY-696 / HY-696-1

  • Security / Reliable / Durable
  • Easy Suction Adjusting
  • Multifunction: Nasal Sucking, Nasal Cleaning, T-type and Mask Type Spray Fuction

product specification

Description Nasal Irrigator and Aspirator
Power Consumption 230VA/50Hz
Power(w) Consumption 58VA
Power(A) Consumption 0.58A
Outer Dimension(cm) 26(L)x12.5(W)x17(H)
Operating Humidity Range 30% - 95%
Operating Temperature Range 10°C - 40°C
Power Fuse T2.5A/250V
Storage Temperature -20°C ± 70°C
Weight 16 kgs

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